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3D Printing

We can quicken the pace of your business with 3D printing

The development of 3D printing is revolutionising the world of project design. Rapid prototyping allows the designer to immediately identify problems of assembly or function.

This technology is extremely useful and more affordable compared to other processes, such as lost-wax casting microfusion, lathing or numerical control.

For parts that are not produced in series, additive manufacturing gives the designer greater freedom, as problems with undercutting are avoided.

Thanks to their mechanical resistance, new materials reinforced by carbon or glass fibres allow for the realisation of components or small lots which can be used for assembly equipment and supports of any kind.

In addition to traditional orthogonal printers, we use FFF 45° machines, which allow us to take full advantage of the anisotropy typical of this technology, thereby optimising mechanical resistance and edge detail.

On the strength of their design, they have a print volume of 270x300x∞ (theoretical) and a layer thickness of 0.15 mm. In addition, our DLPs are one of a kind for precision and quality, with a usable volume of 100×56.25×150 and a layer thickness down to 0.05 mm.

Stampa 3d
Tecnologia di stampa 3d

At Exceed Lab we guide you in the choice of the best technology to realise the components you require. In particular, we use:

FFF Fused Filament Fabrication
DLP Digital Light Processing
CJP Color Jet Printing
MJP Multi Jet Printing
SLA Stereolithography
SLS Laser Sintering
DMP Direct Metal Printing


When contacting us for an estimate, include a 3D solid or a specifications chart of the item

Based on the application, loads and work environment, we will provide you with step-by-step support.

Exceed Lab

Exceed Lab is an innovative start-up specialising in rapid prototyping, mechanical design, FEM simulation and R&D.

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