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Understand the limits to come up with the most effective solution

 “A well-dimensioned race car will break down as soon as it crosses the finish line. When they have reached their limits, all the components will fail at the same time. This means that the design was impeccable: the engineers used the right materials in the right amounts for an extremely light-weight and competitive vehicle. On the other hand, a crane used on a construction site should never break down”

Tommaso Marzolini, engineer and founder of Exceed Lab

Each application has its specifications. For a race car or an aeroplane, lightness is crucial, while for a crane safety and reliability are fundamental.

To understand a problem properly, one must make the correct calculations and study the limits to be respected. By ‘keeping a certain distance’ from these limits, the designer guarantees both functionality and a suitable degree of safety.

The considerations that a designer must make range from costs, specifications and technological feasibility to safety, eco-sustainability and once again back to costs.

Progettazione meccanica
Simulazione FEM 1
Simulazione FEM 2

Exceed Lab will take your project to heart, working together with you to define specifications and limits

Cinematic analysis
Dynamic analysis
Thermodynamic analysis
Structural analysis, dimensioning
Solid modelling
FEM simulation

Our software library includes open-source calculation programmes as well as those under the SolidWorks and Ansys licenses.

Our interests range from biomedicine to automation, from industrial robotics to 4.0 industry.


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Exceed Lab is an innovative start-up specialising in rapid prototyping, mechanical design, FEM simulation and R&D.

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