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FEM Simulation

Reliable results through FEM analysis

When analysis reaches its limits and Saint-Venant’s principle is no longer observed, we need to turn to numbers

Exceed Lab took the decision to invest in simulation software such as Ansys to increase its competitive position on the market and because we well know our own limits. FEM simulation provides additional certainty.

We are happy to put our CAE Ansys software licenses at your disposal to perform simulations on your components. We remodel parts and investigate any critical phenomena in detail.

These are the types of simulations that we are able to perform:

Thermic (equilibrium or transitory)
Modal analysis (free or under stress)
Structural analysis, stress analysis, von Mises stress, deformation
Local or general instability (linear and nonlinear)
Fatigue (component life under forced tension or deformation)
Topological optimisation
Parametric optimisation
Contacts (linear and nonlinear)
Great shifts of position
Plasticity (bilinear model)

Simulazione FEM

If your goal is topological optimisation, we are able to redesign your components after simulation

Exceed Lab

Exceed Lab is an innovative start-up specialising in rapid prototyping, mechanical design, FEM simulation and R&D.

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